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Disclaimer: We do not build custome cars for our customers. This is a passion of our CEO.

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Car Name: Code Red

Vehicle: 1972 Firebird

Built By: Bob Bertelsen

Owned By: Bob Bertelsen

Driven By: Bob Bertelsen

Engine: Mast Motor sport LS3 575HP

Transmission: Bowler Transmission 4L80E

Shifter: Twist Machine Paddle Shifters

Front Suspension: DSE Sub-frame & Control Arms

Rear Suspension: DSE Qudra Link

Front Brakes: Baer 6 piston 14"

Rear Brakes: Baer 6 piston 13"

Front Wheels: Rushforth Wheels,

Night Train 19x 10

Rear Wheels: Rushforth Wheels,

Night Train 19x 12

Front Tires: 275/30/19

Rear Tires: 335/30/19

Exhaust: Flow master 2 1/2" 40 Series

Paint: BASF Viper Red, Glory Gold and Storm Gray

Painted By: Bob Bertelsen & Rick DeSalvo

Interior:Appleman Interior

Body Modifications: Custom spoiler, tail panel,

belly pan, rear spoiler, door handles,

fender vents, hood, front valance, front spoiler,

front brake ducts, engine compartment

Misc. Info: Best 1/4 mile 12.20

seconds, Runs auto cross, speed

stop and road races with car.