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State-of-the-art computerized quality tracking helps guarantee quality and repeatability. We track the part from the time it arrives to the time it leaves. With computer terminals and Ipads throughout our shop or employees know exactly what to do with each part. Our system stores drawings, pictures, masking requirements and all processes for any given part. We record oven temperatures and chemical titrations every minute. We know what is going on with your parts and can document it.

Ipad tracking
Quality Lab

QC Lab

Our lab is capable of doing many tests, including, but not limited to:

• Gloss Test

• Impact Test

• Blast Profile Test

• Digital Microscope Imagining

• Smoothness

• Film Thickness

• MEK Cure Test

• Cross Hatch Adhesion Test

• Pencil Hardness

• Water Boil Test

• Wet Sponge Holiday Test